10 Important Terms After Booking With US

  • In order for us to save the date for you, a non-refundable deposit is required.
  • All deposits and money paid to DJiZM Entertainment Group or Veneet Bansal are non-refundable.
  • Once we have received your deposit, your event date with us is confirmed.
  • The next steps after paying your deposit will be to prepare your brief song-list and itinerary, they are due at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.
  • Itinerary and song-list shall be explained by our staff in more detail leading up to your wedding date.
  • The two weeks allows our DJ’s to prepare the music and go over any final details or changes that may be required to the contract.
  • For any outdoor events a tent should be provided and/or back up arrangements due to rain should be considered.
  • Outdoor ceremony services are not included in our base costs, please talk to us about this added service.
  • Upgraded lighting such as moving heads or intelligent lights or spotlights are not included in our base package, please contact us for any of these upgrades.
  • 2 vendor meals are required for each of our staff coming to the wedding.

By using our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Our availability can be checked on our website, but please note that it is best to verify your date by email: info@djizm.org or phone: 647-272-9184. Every effort is made to keep our availability up to date, however; there may be situations where your selected date is showing available, but we are in fact booked for that day. For this reason, we cannot be held accountable to our availability based on the website calendar alone.

Once you have checked availability, there is an option to get a free quote. This is a quote only and not a booking. Once you submit your request for an instant quote you will receive an email with the details. You will be contacted by our office to verify that the info is correct and to discuss your needs further. At this point, there is no contract and your event is not booked with us.

All deposits are to be made to “DJiZM Entertainment Group” and are non-refundable. If the event is cancelled by the client, no refund will be issued. If the date of the event has changed, and DJiZM Entertainment Group is not able to accommodate your new date, no refund will be given. If the date has been changed and DJiZM Entertainment Group is able to accommodate the new date, the deposit paid will be applied to the new date. If DJiZM Entertainment Group must breach the contract by no longer being able to provide the service or deliver to expectations, DJiZM Entertainment Group reserves the right to review the situation and a refund of the deposit may be issued.

All rates are subject to HST and availability. Our rates are subject to change without notice. For current rate information, please contact our office: 647-272-9184.

Upon booking your event with us, the agreed upon rate in the contract will not be subject to any rate increases. Adding additional services after the contract is signed can be priced at increased rates.

You are invited to select a DJ from our website and we will give you an opportunity to meet with them. DJiZM Entertainment Group reserves the right to select a DJ for your event. Your DJ will be assigned approximately 2 weeks to a month prior to your event and you will be notified of who they are. If a change of DJ is required, we will let you know before doing so. In every situation, we want you to be comfortable with your DJ and his/her personality. Situations that may require a change of DJ include: music selection, specific requests, DJ illness or current staffing at DJiZM Entertainment Group.