Brief overview of DJiZM Entertainment Group

Our clients choose us because they understand the important role that music plays at a wedding reception. Along with great food, music is one of the key elements of a memorable party!

Think about the last few weddings you have attended as a guest, what sticks out in your mind besides the loving couple? I bet it was what you ate and the amount of fun you had!

Toronto area couples choose DJiZM Entertainment Group because they don’t want to risk a reception disaster by using an iPod or an inexperienced performer. We take great pride in going above and beyond for our clients and they genuinely look forward to sharing their special day with us. They often see us as being a trusted advisor when it comes to the music selection for their wedding and are quick to refer us to friends and family.

Our Key Advantages

  • Our staff are not intrusive; we won’t take over your wedding
  • Our MC staff will not embarrass you
  • Our DJ’s are presentable, professional and we don’t flirt with your guests or offend them in anyway
  • Our staff refrain from wearing hats
  • The DJ will be behind the scenes keeping the music flowing and not interrupting you or the guests
  • The DJ helps to compliment your event by playing entertaining music and getting guests to dance
  • Hiring DJiZM Entertainment helps your event succeed and ensures everyone has a good time!
  • The DJ setup will be clean and presentable

Have you ever been to a wedding where the music was too loud? You enter the venue during cocktail hour and the DJ has the music blasting. This is the part of the celebration when most of the guests connect or reconnect, catch up and exchange stories of how they met the loving couple; nearly impossible to do when the music is drowning everyone out.

We’ve experienced this and we can’t stand it!

At DJiZM Entertainment Group, we understand the frustration when music is too loud, especially during dinner, networking events or when you’re just trying to talk to someone! We understand music, people and volume which is why we respect the volume of our music at all times – whether it is a mandate by the venue or just to be respectful of your guests. We always start the music off light and slow. Knowing that music sets the tone for the rest of the evening, our music is designed to create an ambience effect.

Our clients love us because we listen to them.

Venues love to work with us because we are respectful of their volume constraints. We understand that at some venues after 11pm the music has to be lower than usual due to residential homes being close by. We never blast the music so it’s pounding or annoying. At any of our events, the client or the venue staff can ask us to lower or increase the volume at any time and we would accept that request with a smile. We also take into consideration the size of speakers to be used for each venue. We ask questions to learn about your wedding and bring speakers based on the room or number of guests.

About Veneet Bansal

team1 Veneet is a professional wedding specialist, who will work with you throughout the process, from the beginning pricing stages to the final moments of your wedding.