On Saturday October 1st, we DJ’ed at the Whistlers venue in the Mc Neil room.

Whistler’s Event Venue Staff are Amazing!

We were greeted by the event coordinator Louise and, we have to say, her and the staff were amazing! Dinner was served buffet style and, to say the least, was super delicious. You must go there one day for dinner to try it!


Customized Song Lists

Lauren and Robin wanted to hear a lot of Hip Hop, so we allowed them to request songs through our website. Guests were also able to request songs before the wedding day through our website. By the time it came to the couple’s wedding reception, we already had a good idea of the type of songs everyone wanted to hear.

DJiZM PRO TIP: Having a song list curated by you and your guests helps the DJ understand what the crowd would like to hear in advance which leads to a more enjoyable night for everyone.

Snapshot of the Reception

Dancing started just after 9pm and went until 2am. Lauren came up to us around 12:45 am and asked us to stay an extra hour as her guests were having such a great time. She didn’t want the night to end and we don’t blame her!


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Focusing on the Fine Details

We are a company who focuses on all the details of the night, not just what songs to play. For example, for the grand entrance, we suggested the bridal party walk out onto the dance-floor past the bar area so everyone could see them. Originally, they had planned to only walk in a short distance, however, after explaining to them that this would make it difficult for their guests to see them, they agreed on the suggestion. The introductions were completed with great visibility for everyone and the bridal party was very appreciative for the suggestion from our team.

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DJiZM PRO TIP: It is always beneficial when the bride and groom give the MC a list of the bridal party names spelled out phonetically to make sure names are pronounced correctly.

Our team conducted the grand entrance introductions for the bridal party. Before their entrances, we gathered the group and lined them up in order. We also ensured we knew the correct pronunciations of each of their names before we started. We also befriended the photographer and the venue staff that we were about to start so that way they were prepared as well.


Why does it always have to rain on Saturdays?

The photographer was able to capture some amazingly magical shots of Lauren and Robin’s wedding, regardless of some rainy weather. If you’re in the Toronto area and you’re looking for a wedding photographer, check out our friend, Khristel Stecher. If you are looking for a DJ team that listens, cares, connects, and focuses on the details to ensure your wedding runs smoothly, consider our team. Call us and see if we’re a good fit!