Recently we met with a bride who asked, “What types of lighting are offered?” It is common for brides to be unfamiliar with the various lighting options available. We think it’s a great question and are happy to offer our insight.

There are 3 options that we offer: Intelligent Lights, Event Up Lighting and Semi-Intelligent Lighting.

Intelligent Lights

Intelligent lights, also known as moving heads, are what you’ve seen at Concerts, Raptors Games, American Idol and Family Feud (TV).  They are big, robust and somewhat robotic.  They are fully controllable by the DJ or lighting technician.

These are the best type of lights for your wedding reception or corporate event.  We are able to include spotlights and follow spots at any given point (example grand entrance or first dance).


One bride watched the “Thinking Out Loud” video by Ed Sheeran and wanted the same look and feel. We watched the video and created the same effect for her!

Other couples mention they want a Hollywood Effect Theme or a Winter Wedding theme. Depending on the theme or the occasion these lights definitely help create the mood.

Our goal is to only use these types of lights going forward however the challenge is to inform our clients of the advantages.

One of the other benefits of going ahead with this light is that it is able to be adaptable in the sense that it can provide mood lighting, decor lighting, custom monograms or dance-floor lights.  Due to the full range of motion and various colours it offers we are able to customize the light show for each event.

Some clients will tell us what to write for the Monogram such as their name or their initials.  For others, they prefer something simple as a company Logo or a heart/flower design.

The dance-floor lights provide a beam of light (we can rotate the colours or keep it on one colour) throughout the dance-floor session. We can also do a strobe effect with these lights which is great for High School Dances.

At the very minimum you should reserve two of these lights but the more you book the better the effect. Some clients reserve 4-6 which is more expensive, but also creates a lasting impression.

Event Up lighting

The other type of lighting to be considered is Event Uplighting which is LED lights placed around the room or at the corners of each room. Additionally, these lights can be placed at all the pillars of a room or event space.  Each venue requires a different number of lights which is why pricing varies.

The colour chosen can be static (one colour) or diverse (multiple colours). Another option is to rotate the colours or change the colours as the night progresses.

Adding Event Uplighting to your event is simple, easy and affordable.  It changes the mood and helps create a lasting impression.  Guests will be happier and more inclined to dance when the room is lit appropriately.

When it comes to Uplighting, we specialize in setting up and executing the effects.



Semi-Intelligent Lighting

The last type of lighting, which is not recommended, is semi-intelligent lighting.  This is a 5-in-1 system which does have multiple colours, strobe and lasers; it is very diverse but also could be cheesy or messy.  The lights are scattered about the room and move in a disco light type of fashion.


This is very cost-effective but very seldom works to create a lasting impression. Semi-intelligent lighting does not work well with a laptop and therefore we are very limited to what we can do and will not work with custom effects such as the monogram initials.

We discussed 3 different types of lights in this blog post. We do hope you appreciate the first type of lights mentioned and help us raise the standard of weddings and other events.

We love working with clients who understand the importance of music and lighting on their special day.