The Daunting Task of Hiring a DJ


It’s really daunting to find a DJ.  I’m getting married this year and I started looking for DJs about a year ago. I attended many bridal shows and have been overwhelmed with DJs. I don’t know which DJ to choose but here I am emailing them. I find that most of them are hard to get a hold of; well most vendors in general.  A lot of them take long to respond.

I don’t know what to look for since I never booked a DJ before.  I started to browse their various websites to see what each offers but that didn’t help much.  I have about 50 different DJs here to choose from and I’m trying to narrow them down.  I’m shopping around for quotes and still waiting to hear back from most of the DJs.

My Answer:

Yes it is daunting to find a DJ but feel free to ask the DJs any questions you have.  Ask as many questions that you feel are of concern to you.  Ask me any question about my services.  I have been djing for over 10 years now.  I’ve DJ’ed for other companies as well so I have lots of experience.  I’m familiar with most of the DJs and DJ companies out there, especially those in GTA.  I can tell you that most of the professional DJs are 25 and up (years of age).  Most are in their late 20s and very few are 40-50 years of age.  You probably won’t want a DJ that old.

I work with many DJs part of my team and I do have one DJ who is that old.  The benefit of hiring him is that he has even more experience.  He knows what songs to play and he knows how to read a crowd.  Although the younger DJs know this as well, the older DJs have been in the game for longer.

If you’re looking on Kijiji for a DJ or craigslist you may find a DJ who is 19 or 22 years of age.  He or she may seem like a good deal since he or she is offering al the bells and whistles or has the best price, but is that really what you want? How do you want to feel at your wedding and after your wedding? I can tell you that the DJ who seems the cheapest initially may actually cost you more in the long run.  Keep in mind that you only get once chance here.  Our motto is that you only get once chance to make it count.

Our pricing is really flexible and I know price is always on my customer’s mind. I try to steer them away from price but at the end of the day price is important.  I can meet your budget requirements but I’m not going to give you everything and give you a huge discount.  We run a business here and we need to pay our expenses too.  Although we don’t have a storefront there are still many expenses that go along with our business.  Weddings are usually only on the weekends and I can only be at one wedding per Saturday night.  Our time is valuable and we have to make the most of it.

Searching and comparing 50 DJs is a lot and overwhelming, I would recommend comparing about 3. Try to meet with them and then see what happens.  See who replies first and see who meets with you on time.  Never show up later to your meeting and always respect the DJs time.  If you can’t make it or you’ll be late be sure to call the DJ on their cell phone.  How would you like if it we showed up late on your wedding day?

Find out what services you require. Now a days many DJs offer more than just DJ services.  Choose the services you require and narrow down your list.  Feel free to tell me your budget and I’ll let you know if I can accommodate it.  Take the time to read the DJs website, you’ll learn a lot just from that.

Ask your friends and family for references.  However, just because someone tells you they are a DJ, don’t hire them right away. Hire only a professional wedding DJ, yes this is different from just any DJ.

Wedding DJs play a variety of music and know what songs to play. Radio DJs only play music that they are required to play as per the record companies.  Club DJs only play club bangers or popular dancing songs – some of these songs have explicit lyrics.  You won’t find a club DJ playing slow songs at your wedding.

There are many other things to note and keep in mind – but feel free to contact me for more assistance.

Although it’s a daunting process just keep the communication stream open with your vendors and you’ll do just fine!