As a Professional Wedding DJ company in Toronto, we are part of many Facebook groups related to Weddings, Weddings Vendors and such. Recently we came across a bride who was panicking last minute.  Her fiancé and herself were worried that guests at her wedding won’t be able to hear speeches during the reception.

Wow, this is a big worry to have one week before the most important day of your life!

This bride didn’t choose to hire a DJ.

They thought, that for entertainment, they can just hire a band or a violinist. Sure, this would definitely provide for some entertainment or music during the dinner hour.

BUT, what about the other parts of the wedding? Well this is something they never really thought of.

We at DJiZM Entertainment Group are like wedding planners in the sense that we cover all grounds. As a company that offers a professional wedding DJ service, we also take care of providing a wireless microphone for speeches.

This couple was looking for a company to rent a microphone a week before their big day.

Although, we know of a company that offers this (Long & Mc Quade), we know that there are many variables that come into play. For example, the staff at the store can recommend a microphone but you may not know how to use it. Even if the staff show you how to use it, do you really want to spend your day setting it up? One week before your wedding, will you have time to visit this store? Even DJ’s have a hard time finding time to visit the store, nevermind the bride and groom! Now what if the equipment doesn’t work (we know they can test it for you) but  it can still happen that at the venue you find it doesn’t work.

How do you know to order a wired microphone or a wireless microphone?

How do you know which microphone would work best for your venue?

What if there is so much feedback and a loud disturbing noise?

These are all things that professional DJ’s go through. After many years of experience, we have gone through these challenges.

Yes, you may save a lot of money from avoiding to hire a DJ, but if the microphone doesn’t work properly, did you really save any money? Save your time today and your wedding by hiring a professional DJ who understands what is required.

The bride also was thinking that she only requires a microphone and not a speaker. Sorry but the microphone will not work on its own. It’s like having a car without gas. You also require a person to manage the sound, volume and you need some DJ equipment to connect everything together.  At the end of the day, your cost is going to be close to $300 now.

Don’t forget you still have to return all the equipment after the wedding.